About Us

How we started:

After leaving school it was my desire to enter the construction industry. My parents had been involved in construction as well, so it was a natural progression.

My parents got me a job with a prominent concrete placing company and I spent  5 years there learning the trade.

In 1982 it was time to start out on my own.

I started out doing small jobs for friends and family and then came referrals and builders.

As word got around that we did a good job at competitive rates, we got busier and busier.

With a second hand brown mitsi ute  with manys km’s on the clock, my mums roof racks and my dog Sam on the back, we were off.

It quickly became obvious that I had to hire staff so with my younger brother and my dad on the odd occasion we were starting to grow.

As time progressed we moved from footpaths and small drives to residential and commercial work. More staff were needed and so a natural growing of the company was inevitable.

 At one stage in the height of the building boom in the early 90’s up to 12 staff were hired at any one time. Now we have a more niche staff of 5, all employees are experts in their field and produce quality work.

So after over 30 years of being in business the company is still going strong,

We look forward to the next 30 years

Martin Black


Where we started:

Martin Black Concrete Construction Ltd was formed in 1982 by Martin Black. After working for another company for five years Martin decided that it was time to go out on his own.

“I started out with a minimal amount of gear. I had an old Ute with my Mum’s roof racks to carry the boxing and my dog in the back of the Ute.”
– Martin Black

Running the business:

Although they were good at putting concrete down, they were not so flash at running the business. But with help from people and good advice they were soon on track and running a great little business.

Most of their work came from friends and then referrals. Later they started running a small ad in the local newspaper. In the early days, most of the work was on the North Shore but now Martin Black Concrete covers the greater Auckland area.

As the jobs became bigger, there was a need to take on more staff. Of course this meant more gear and vehicles.


The company currently has 4 fully-trained staff and everything from an edging tool to 2 truck-mounted concrete pumps.

In 2004 it was decided it was time to expand. The market needed a concrete placing company that could supply its own concrete pumps. Enter a new business partner Adrian Cate.

Adrian joined the company in 2004, bringing with him his business acumen. Coming from a background in real estate, he felt he needed a new challenge. It was Adrian’s idea to add the concrete pumps to the business. He saw this addition as a natural progression in the growth of the company and it has been a successful move.

This move has been a great success with excellent feedback from our customers.

Also its great for the ready mix suppliers who can call us when they have a customer that requires both Concrete pumping and placers.

Our Team




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